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Communicable diseases

  • CIHR Catalyst Grant for community-based research on HIV prevention
  • Primary and late latent syphilis cases and success of serological treatment with doxycycline
  • HIV primary drug resistance: factors of recent HIV infection among newly diagnosed cases
  • Trends in transfusion transmitted infections and transfusion errors
  • Social network-related risk of bloodborne infections associated with secondary syringe exchange among injection drug users
  • Tuberculosis social network questionnaire to characterize networks of injection drug users
  • Predictors of gonorrhea reinfection in a cohort of sexually transmitted disease patients
  • Public health control of tuberculosis and HIV co-infection
  • Systematic review of hepatitis C infection risk associated with drug injection equipment
  • HIV and hepatitis C seropositivity rates in Canadian federal penitentiaries

Chronic diseases

  • Obesity and weight status misperception among children and adolescents
  • Canadian cancer surveillance
  • Clustering of lifestyle risk factors among youth
  • Lifestyle chronic disease risk factors in multiethnic, low income, and urban neighborhoods
  • Dietary supplement use among women at high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
  • Methodological review of projected cancer incidence trends
  • Methodological review of childhood illnesses

Health care and policy

  • Literature review on the impact of teamwork, communication and culture on patient safety
  • Analysis of healthcare impact of hormone replacement therapy

Last updated: 09.01.2019

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